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  1. Memories Wall Spotter - 600 x 300mm

    Price Is Per Single Tile

    R 259.90
  2. R 219.90
  3. R 269.90
  4. R 184.90
  5. R 241.90
  6. R 259.90
  7. Gardenia Wall Spotter - 300 x 600mm

    Price Is Per Single Tile

    R 254.90
  8. R 469.90 / pack
  9. R 241.90
  10. Lemon Wall Spotter - 300 x 600mm

    Price Is Per Single Tile

    R 234.90
  11. Olivia Wall Spotter - 250 x 400mm

    Price Is Per Single Tile

    R 174.90
  12. R 479.90
  13. R 169.90
  14. R 234.90
  15. Gezani Wall Spotter - 300 x 600mm

    Price Is Per Single Tile

    R 249.90
  16. R 149.91 / pack

CTM's spotter tiles empower you to unleash your creativity and transform any room into a masterpiece. Step into our world of tiles and experience the art of home transformation like never before. At CTM, we understand that when it comes to mosaic and decor tiles, quality and reliability are paramount. That's why we take pride in being South Africa's premier destination for spotter tiles.

The Benefits of Spotter Tiles from CTM

When it comes to adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your space, spotter tiles from CTM are the perfect choice. Here are some key advantages of choosing our spotter tiles:

#1 – Aesthetics

Our spotter tiles are designed to elevate the visual appeal of any room. They come in a variety of exquisite patterns and designs, allowing you to find the perfect match for your style and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic or contemporary look, our wall spotters will add a distinctive charm to your space.

#2 - Versatile Range

Our spotter tiles are available in various sizes, making them suitable for different installation requirements. Whether you're looking to create a stunning bathroom, a stylish kitchen backsplash, or an accent wall, our spotter tiles can be easily incorporated into your design vision.

Applications of Spotter Tiles

The versatility of spotter tiles allows you to explore numerous applications in your home improvement projects. Take a look at these application ideas that will inspire to create your perfect space today.

  • Bathrooms - create a spa-like haven in your bathroom with spotter tiles. Use them as an accent in your shower area, along the vanity, or even as a decorative border to elevate the overall design.
  • Kitchens - add a touch of sophistication to your kitchen by using spotter tiles as a striking backsplash. Their unique patterns and designs will make your kitchen stand out.
  • Accent Walls - make a bold statement by incorporating spotter tiles into an accent wall. Whether it's in the living room, bedroom, or hallway, spotter tiles can define spaces and add visual interest.
  • Outdoor Spaces - extend the elegance of spotter tiles to your outdoor areas. Use them to create eye-catching pathways, patio borders, or even as a feature wall in your garden.

Shop Spotter Tiles Online with CTM

Ready to transform your space? Shopping for spotter tiles at CTM has never been easier – to start, browse through our user-friendly website and filter your search based on size, design, and price to find the perfect spotter tiles for your project.

Transform your space today with all our wall tiles options from CTM. Experience the CTM difference and create a home you'll love.

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