Bath Plumbing

Bath Plumbing

Bath Plumbing

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  1. ITD Tileable Bath Inspection Hatch

    Sans Plumbing Requirement

    R 359.90
  2. R 269.90
  3. R 369.90
  4. R 599.90
  5. R 59.90
  6. R 59.90
  7. R 169.90
  8. ITD Black Bath Trap & Overflow

    For All Standard Baths

    R 189.90
  9. R 49.90
  10. R 199.90
  11. ITD Chrome Extendable S-Connection Set

    Extending Off Set Mixer From Wall

    R 649.90
  12. ITD Chrome Long S-Connection And Rosette

    Extending Off Set Mixer From Wall

    R 449.90
  13. ITD Chrome Adjustable Pillar Connection Set

    Surface Mounting Any Wall Type Mixer

    R 799.90
  14. ITD Chrome Pair Of Pillar Connections

    Surface Mounting Any Wall Type Mixer

    R 879.90
  15. ITD Chrome Freestanding Bath Trap Solution

    Chrome Plated Waste & Trap - Excludes Bath

    R 2,099.90

We take pride in delivering top-notch bath plumbing fittings and providing exceptional service to our valued customers. Whether you're renovating your bath or installing a new one, CTM is here to meet your bath plumbing needs with our extensive range of high-quality bath products.

Why Choose CTM for Your Bath Plumbing Needs

We understand the importance of quality and reliability when it comes to your home improvement projects. Our customers rely on us to deliver bath plumbing products that not only enhance the aesthetics of their bathrooms but also offer long-lasting performance. We carefully select bath plumbing fittings from reputable manufacturers, ensuring the durability and functionality of your baths and bathtubs. Trust CTM to provide you with the best solutions for your bath plumbing requirements.

Explore a Wide Range of Bath Plumbing Fittings

We offer an extensive selection of bath plumbing fittings to cater to various preferences and bathtub designs. Whether you're looking for bath waste fittings, bathtub plumbing parts, or other essential components, you’ll find it now at CTM online or in store. 

Bath fittings should not only be functional but also add a touch of style to your space. That's why we offer bath plumbing options in different finishes and designs, allowing you to ensure your bath reflects your personal taste. Find the perfect bath plumbing fittings to ensure your bathtub works efficiently.

Bath Plumbing Installation Essentials

When it comes to bath plumbing installation, it's crucial to choose the right components for a seamless and reliable setup. CTM offers a comprehensive range of bathtub installation essentials, including connectors, seals, pipes, and more. We understand that using high-quality fittings during installation is essential for ensuring optimal usage and longevity.

Shop Bathtub Parts Online from CTM

As the go-to retailer for high-quality bath plumbing products and bathroom essentials, CTM invites you to browse our extensive selection of bathtub parts. 

Whether you're in need of specific bathtub plumbing parts or looking to upgrade your entire system, CTM has the solutions you need. Shop our bathroom range with confidence knowing that our products are backed by our commitment to excellence. Create your dream bathroom with CTM today.

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