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Tile Adhesives

Tile Adhesives

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  1. R 89.90
  2. R 119.90
  3. Pro Grip Superbond Tile Adhesive 20Kg

    For Porcelain & Large Tiles

    R 129.90
  4. Pro Grip XXL Tile Adhesive - 20 Kg

    For All Xxl Format Tiles

    R 204.90
  5. Pro Grip Cladding Adhesive - 20 Kg

    For Large Format Tiles & Natural Stone Cladding

    R 259.90
  6. R 114.90
  7. Pro Grip Fast Set Tile Adhesive - 20 Kg

    Quick Setting 6 Hour Adhesive For All Tile Types

    R 164.90
  8. R 114.90
  9. Pro Grip Bonding Liquid 20Lt

    Increases Bond Strength Of Adhesives

    R 599.90
  10. Pro Grip White Polyurethane Seal - 280ml

    Sealant For Joints In Floors & Walls

    R 169.90
  11. Pro Grip Self Levelling Screed - 20 Kg

    For Levelling Out Uneven Floors

    R 309.90
  12. Pro Grip Basecoat - 5 Kg

    Combine With Key Coat For Surface Prep

    R 59.90
  13. R 114.90
  14. Pro Grip Contractors Tile Adhesive - 20 Kg

    For Small Format Ceramic Tiles

    R 64.90
  15. Pro Grip Superior Tile Adhesive - 20 Kg

    For Small Format Ceramic Tiles

    R 69.90
  16. Pro Grip Pre Mix Flexible Tile Adhesive - 1 Lt

    For Tiling On Wood, Glass, Metal & Dry Wall Surfaces

    R 149.90
  17. R 194.90
  18. Pro Grip Pre Mix Flexible Tile Adhesive - 5 Lt

    For Tiling On Wood, Glass, Metal & Dry Wall Surfaces

    R 519.90

Trust CTM for High-Quality Floor Tile Adhesives

Welcome to CTM, your trusted destination for top-notch home improvement products. When it comes to floor tile adhesives, we understand the importance of quality and reliability. Our range of exceptional floor tile adhesives have been designed to meet and exceed your expectations. With CTM, you can rest assured that you're making the right choice for your flooring projects.

Check out CTM online for all your tile, floor, walls, bathroom, kitchen and décor design inspiration and products now.

Shop Floor Tile Adhesives for Sale

We offer a wide range of standout floor tile adhesives, grouts, and other adhesive products for use on floor tiles. Each product has its own unique features and benefits. Here’s what you can expect from the range when you shop at CTM:

  • UltraBond Premium Floor Tile Adhesive: This high-strength adhesive offers superior bonding power, ensuring long-lasting and secure tile installations. Its advanced formula provides excellent flexibility, allowing for movement and expansion without compromising the tile's integrity.
  • FlexiPro Flexible Floor Tile Adhesive: Specially formulated to accommodate substrates with slight movement, FlexiPro offers exceptional flexibility and bonding strength. It is ideal for areas prone to temperature fluctuations, ensuring your tiles stay firmly in place.
  • RapidSet Quick-Drying Floor Tile Adhesive: When time is of the essence, RapidSet comes to the rescue. This fast-setting adhesive reduces waiting time, allowing you to proceed with grouting and completing your project sooner. It offers a reliable bond and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • EasyGrip Pre-Mixed Floor Tile Adhesive: If convenience is a priority, EasyGrip is the perfect choice. This ready-to-use adhesive eliminates the need for mixing and offers hassle-free application. It provides a strong bond and is suitable for various tile types and substrates.

Shop Floor Tile Adhesives Online Today

Ready to find the perfect floor tile adhesive for your project? Visit CTM's website and explore our full range of options. With detailed product descriptions and high-quality images, you can make an informed decision. Take advantage of our efficient delivery process and have your chosen adhesive delivered straight to your door. Don't compromise on quality or reliability - trust CTM for all your floor tile adhesive needs. Click the link below to get started and make your purchase today.

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