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Tile Adhesives

Tile Adhesives

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  1. Pro Grip Bonding Liquid - 1 Lt

    Increases Bond Strength Of Adhesives

    R 64.90
  2. Pro Grip Bonding Liquid - 5 Lt

    Increases Bond Strength Of Adhesives

    R 174.90
  3. R 89.90
  4. R 119.90
  5. Pro Grip Superbond Tile Adhesive 20Kg

    For Porcelain & Large Tiles

    R 129.90
  6. Pro Grip XXL Tile Adhesive - 20 Kg

    For All Xxl Format Tiles

    R 204.90
  7. R 114.90
  8. Pro Grip Fast Set Tile Adhesive - 20 Kg

    Quick Setting 6 Hour Adhesive For All Tile Types

    R 164.90
  9. R 114.90
  10. Pro Grip Bonding Liquid 20Lt

    Increases Bond Strength Of Adhesives

    R 599.90
  11. Pro Grip White Polyurethane Seal - 280ml

    Sealant For Joints In Floors & Walls

    R 169.90
  12. Pro Grip Cladding Adhesive - 20 Kg

    For Large Format Tiles & Natural Stone Cladding

    R 259.90
  13. Pro Grip Basecoat - 5 Kg

    Combine With Key Coat For Surface Prep

    R 59.90
  14. R 114.90
  15. Pro Grip Contractors Tile Adhesive - 20 Kg

    For Small Format Ceramic Tiles

    R 64.90
  16. Pro Grip Superior Tile Adhesive - 20 Kg

    For Small Format Ceramic Tiles

    R 69.90
  17. Pro Grip Pre Mix Flexible Tile Adhesive - 1 Lt

    For Tiling On Wood, Glass, Metal & Dry Wall Surfaces

    R 149.90
  18. R 194.90

A key element of laying any beautiful tiled floor or wall is to use a great quality tile adhesive to ensure your job looks great and stays that way for years. If you’re looking for tile adhesives that will stick and stay stuck, shop online at CTM today.

At CTM, we have the widest range of great tile adhesives and products for all your tiling project needs. With a range of options to choose from for every kind of tile we stock, we guarantee that we will have the right product for you in stock at the best tile adhesive prices too.

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Shop Tile Adhesives for Sale

Our adhesive tiles and products are reliable and long-lasting. You won’t have to worry about your tiles coming loose or falling off the wall. Purchase our tile adhesive products today and rest assured you’re making a sound investment.

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Importance of Tile Adhesives

Choosing to use a good quality tile adhesive means the difference between your tiling project lasting a lifetime or lasting for a few months. Always choose a tile adhesive supplier that you can trust, like CTM. Ask the expert team to advise you as to which product is best for the tile you’re going to be laying the job you’ll be working on.

Where to buy Tile Adhesives Near Me?

Looking for adhesive wall tiles and adhesives that are great quality and well-priced? Shop for all your tile adhesive, accessories, tools and necessities at CTM online now.

We have CTM stores all over South Africa from Gauteng to the Western Cape, and everywhere in between. We also have stores in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland too. Find your nearest store now.

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