Underfloor Tile Heating

Underfloor Tile Heating

  1. Ezeestat 2 Floor Probe - Bathrooms

    For Sensing Temperature In Bathrooms

    R 329.90
  2. Ezeestat 2 - 3.4 kW Thermostat

    For Wood Laminate & Tile Heating

    R 2,199.90
  3. R 6,099.90
  4. R 5,099.90
  5. R 4,199.90
  6. R 2,499.90
  7. R 1,699.90
  8. R 2,899.90
  9. R 3,599.90

Tiles are a beautiful and practical choice for many South African homes. Whilst they are a great choice for our hot summer months, thanks to their cool feel, they can be particularly cold underfoot during our winters.

Why not consider adding underfloor tile heating when laying your tiled floor? It will add a luxurious layer of warmth to your flooring making your home cosier underfoot and will increase the ambient temperature of the room it is in too.

We offer a wide selection of underfloor tile heating products that will keep your feet and home warm. Tile underfloor heating will increase the overall inner temperature of your home in the colder months.

Shop Underfloor Tile Heating for Sale

Warm the heart of your home with CTM underfloor tile heating now. Underfloor and under tile heating systems radiate heat naturally from the floor and evenly throughout the entire room.

Choose the best tiles for underfloor heating at CTM today. Our floor tile range is durable and long-lasting and our heating systems underneath these tiles won’t disrupt the look of your interior décor but will only enhance the appeal of it.

Importance of Underfloor Tile Heating

Choosing underfloor heating offers a range of benefits to you, as a homeowner, including:

  • Even, consistent temperature all around the room
  • Heaters are hidden and silent
  • Climatic conditions that reduce growth of dust mites and mould
  • Heating systems are maintenance free
  • Heat retention around the room and entire home
  • Comfort reached at lower temperatures with underfloor heating, reducing energy usage and costs.

Where to Buy Underfloor Tile Heating Near Me?

For underfloor heating systems that are guaranteed to last and to create the perfectly warmed home, choose CTM underfloor tile heating now.

We have CTM stores all over South Africa from Gauteng to the Western Cape, and everywhere in between. We also have stores in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland too. Find your nearest store now.


Are underfloor tile heating worth it?

Underfloor heating systems create the perfect ambient temperature in the home to create comfort and lower energy usage overall.

How effective is underfloor heating under tiles?

Underfloor heating under tiles is extremely effective in creating a warmed tile for the perfect temperature.

Is underfloor tile heating very expensive to run?

If not run properly, it can be. When you run this heating system properly it takes a low amount of energy to keep the comfort levels, therefore lowering your overall energy usage and costs.

What is the lifespan of underfloor tile heating?

Talk to the experts at CTM about the warranty periods of the underfloor heating systems they stock now.

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