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Tiling Tools

Tiling Tools

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  1. 2mm Wall & Porcelain Tile Spacers

    For Accurate Tile Spacing

    R 18.90
  2. 3mm Tile Spacers

    For Accurate Tile Spacing

    R 18.90
  3. 5mm Floor Tile Spacers

    For Accurate Tile Spacing

    R 18.90
  4. Promax Cleaning Sponge

    General Cleaning Sponge

    R 15.90
  5. 6mm Floor Tile Spacers

    For Accurate Tile Spacing

    R 18.90
  6. MTS Knee Pads

    For Knee Protection During Tile Installation

    R 179.90
  7. MTS Dual Purpose Squeegee 190mm

    For The Application Of Grout

    R 74.90
  8. MTS White Rubber Mallet

    For Installation Of Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

    R 129.90
  9. 8mm Floor Tile Spacers

    For Accurate Tile Spacing

    R 18.90
  10. MTS Grout Remover Heavy Duty

    Manually Removes Grout

    R 59.90
  11. MTS Carpenter Pencil Set 12 pc

    Used To Mark Tiles Before Cutting

    R 54.90
  12. Builders Block Brush

    Surface Application Prep

    R 39.90

Looking for tiling tools to help make your DIY tiling job easier, then shop at CTM today. We stock a wide selection of tile tools for sale that you and your team might need. From tile spacers to knee pads, shop for all the new tiling tools you need at CTM online.

The CTM tiling tools South Africa range comes from well-known brands in the tile industry, so you’re guaranteed that the products are high-quality.

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Shop Tiling Tools for Sale

We stock everything you’ll need on your tiling tools list at CTM. Our professional tiling tools are designed to make your job easier, so you can finish quickly and move on to the next project. Get your hands on one of our tiling tools today and see the difference for yourself.

Shop for our tilling tools online today and get them delivered to your door.

Importance of Tiling Tools

There are a variety of different tiling tools, but they all have one function in mind – to make your tiling job easier and more efficient. We stock everything you’ll need to lay the perfect tile floor or wall with products like tile spacers, trowels, caulking guns, tile nippers and grout removers. When you use a good quality tiling tool from CTM, you’ll feel the difference.

Where to buy Tiling Tools Near Me?

Trust CTM to be your one stop tile tool supplier you can trust in South Africa. Not only will you be able to get all your tiling tools online, but you’ll find a wide range of world-class tiles and designs online too.

We have CTM stores all over South Africa from Gauteng to the Western Cape, and everywhere in between. We also have stores in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and Swaziland too. Find your nearest store now.

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