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Wall Tiles For Popular Rooms

Kitchens & Bathrooms expose your tiles to water and cleaning chemicals.

When choosing a tile, consider porcelain for its low water absorption, glazed ceramic for its protective layer or glazed porcelain for the best of both.

Choose Your Look

We have your ideal style - whether you are a wood, marble, stone or cement person.

Marble comes in a wide range of variety - also available in matt, gloss and satin finishes that imitate the honed semi polished look.

Some ranges also imitate antique flooring with marble inlays - as well as a Terazzo finish.

Stonewall cladding is durable and versatile - as well as beautiful.

Cladding adds a personal touch to any setting and is perfect for use inside or outside.

Subway tiles work with a variety of styles and are one of the best tiles to use as a backsplash.

Subway tiles can be show stoppers or work as part of a subtle finish.

An architectural favourite, cement has been rediscovered and repurposed over and over again.

As a replica in a ceramic tile it is even more versatile.


Discover Mosaic & Decor Tiles

Every Colour Of The Rainbow

From ocean blues to warm reds - we have the tile to complete your look.

All Tiles Great & Small


Use large format tiles to make small rooms look bigger or in large spaces for a near seamless look - use small tiles in small areas in eye catching layouts for an interesting effect.

All Tiles Great & Small

We got big ones, small ones - Any one that fits your specifications!

Our Tiles Are Great

 But Don't Take Our Word For It - Use our TILE VISUALIZER TOOL and see what OUR TILES look like in YOUR HOME!

Use staggered, diamond, herringbone or a combination of layouts to create unusual styles and effects


Looking For Something Other than Tiles?

Explore our laminate and vinyl range

Mosaics In All Shapes & Sizes

We Care For The Environment

We Care For The Environment

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