Underfloor Wood Heating

Underfloor Wood Heating

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Wooden floors can bring a sense of warmth and ambiance to your home, but they can be cold underfoot during winter. Give your home a warm aesthetic appeal that translates to a warm actual feel too with underfloor wood heating from CTM.

We offer a wide range of underfloor heating under wood systems to keep your home warm and cosy during the cold winter months. With our unique air exchange system, heat will spread evenly throughout your room and your entire house in no time at all. Our wood heating units are designed with an integrated control panel so you can easily adjust the temperature according to your needs. Plus, they consume less energy than other conventional methods!

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Warm the heart of your home now with CTM. Underfloor heating and wood flooring pair effortlessly together as the underfloor heating system radiates heat naturally from the floor and evenly throughout the entire room, so that you can actually feel the warmth.

Imagine having floors that are comfortable enough to sit on in winter! Now you can enjoy warmth and cosiness no matter how low the outside temperature drops. Get rid of those ugly gas heaters – underfloor wood heating is a safe and efficient solution for keeping your entire family warm this season!

Importance of Underfloor Wood Heating

Choosing underfloor heating offers a range of benefits to you, as a homeowner, including:

  • Even, consistent temperature all around the room
  • Integrated panels for easy adjustment
  • Climatic conditions that reduce growth of dust mites and mould
  • Heating systems are maintenance free
  • Heat retention around the room and entire home
  • Comfort reached at lower temperatures with underfloor heating, reducing energy usage and costs.

For underfloor heating systems that are guaranteed to last and to create the perfectly warmed home, choose CTM underfloor wood heating now.

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