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  1. A Good Holiday

    A Good Holiday

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  2. Fairy Tale Fantasy

    Fairy Tale Fantasy

    If you’re a fan of fairy tales, but always thought Sleeping Beauty’s little cottage in the forest was more appealing than a dark, cold castle then this is the décor look for you. The overwhelming theme within this décor look is both soft and whimsical, with a dreamy air of romance and a heavy handed tablespoon of charm.

    We recommend keeping it cosy, by adding simple Elf Autumn Nature Oak Laminated Flooring throughout your home and then fill it with slightly worn bohemian and vintage inspired furniture, mix it up with a coffee table you inherited from your grandmother and a quirky cabinet you found at your local market. This collection of we

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  3. Walk On The Wild Side

    Walk On The Wild Side

    Waking up with the sunrise somewhere deep within the African bushveld is one of the most magical experiences. Living in such close proximity to some of the most beautiful game reserves in the world means we’re spoilt for choice, but sadly we’re not always spoilt for time. So why not bring some chic design into your home and choose the Safari look. Sure you won’t be spotting the big five in your garden – well at least we hope you won’t – but you can still create the feeling and allure of being in a luxurious, exclusive safari lodge, while standing in your kitchen.

    We recommend using a rustic tile in dark earthy tones like our Kilimanjaro Maun Matt Floor Tile. Combine

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