3 Domain Security - is a new method of security mandated by the Card Associations to enhance the security of online transactions. Mastercard's product is called "SecureCode" and Visa's product is called "Verified by Visa".

Before payment is confirmed, the bank will send the Cardholder a One-Time-Pin (OTP), the Cardholder will be required to insert the OTP to authorise the Credit Card transaction.

Note: Some banks use a pre-set password or pin instead of an OTP
We are promoting a safe and secure Online Shopping experience for our customers, with have all the convenience of Online Shopping while reducing the risks of Credit Card fraud.
The following are links, provided by your bank, for more information on 3D Secure:

Activate 3D-Secure
3D-Secure only needs to be activated once, per card that you own, to be able to shop online safely and securely. Help prevent fraud and promote online shopping, activate your 3D-Secure today.

The following are links to 3D-Secure activation, provided by your bank, please choose the bank that your credit card was issued by:

Further information may be obtained from the associations: