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Entrega e coleta de ladrilhos transfronteiriços

For Mozambique Customers

Great news! If you live in Mozambique, there’s no more waiting for your favourite CTM products! We are now delivering to Mozambique, from De Maputo a Beiria. If you would rather use your own transporter, our team can also prep your order for export and arrange for all the necessary documents.

  Dedicated Delivery anywhere in Mozambique
  Dedicated Online Export Specialists
  Zero VAT Invoices & SADC Certificates
  Pack, ship & settle all export documentation

You've helped me all the way through this crazy journey with daily communication. Now that is sales - well done!

– Dindwase Mw


Attention to detail during my interaction was amazing. Thank you for helping me design my home.

Shingi T

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Collection services

CTM online has a dedicated team that focus on exports to Mozambique. They know which products to offer for SADC, can prep export papers for you and make sure everything is packaged correctly for that long trip home. 

Delivery Services

Take the hassle out of your order by paying once and getting it delivered right to your door. The dedicated team at CTM online will manage everything from your export documents, to tracking the delivery for you.

Dedicated Online Export Specialists

We have Mozambiquan specialists that are ready to help you with your order - from checking your stock before it leaves to arranging for your export papers - our dedicated expert is always a WhatsApp away. 

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