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Basilica Ceramic Floor Spotter Set - 200 x 200mm

Price is Per set of 3
R 139.90
  • Inspired by rich and traditional African tribal prints and designs, this floor decorative tile will add a contemporary and modern feel to any ‘SAFARI CHIC’ room or space.
  • The imitation of woven textile in this design makes for an interesting mix of ‘rough and smooth’ textures if tiled with a smooth glazed ceramic tile.
  • Ideal to incorporate rough and rustic hand crafted accessories in any room to create a ‘chic’ and contemporary African feel = Safari Chic.
  • The use of geometrics and digital print make this a ‘trending’ floor spotter with great versatility as it can be used in various ways:-

- To create a rug / carpet effect if grouped together on the floor

- Can be used as a broad floor border if placed in a running meter

- To create a feature wall  -  wallpaper effect

  • Done in rich African slate and earthy colours enabling one to bring the “African Landscapes indoors” and to be used with furnishings of rich leather and animal hides.
  • Comes with a perfectly matching border (decorative trim) which can be used either on the floor to on its’ own or to enlarge the carpet effect. 
  • The matching border can also be used on the wall to marry floor to wall.
  • For floor and wallinstallation – suitable for domestic foot traffic.
  • Can be used as:-

-  A rug / carpet effect if grouped together on the floor

-  A broad floor border if placed in a running meter

-  A feature wall  -  wallpaper effect

  • This decorative tile is digitally printed with the latest technology.
  • Once printed, the tile is re-fired/baked allowing for the inks to melt into the glaze of the tile thus making this red body ceramic decorative FLOOR spotter easy to install, clean and maintain.
  • This design is perfect for any SAFARI CHIC or modern earthy interiors such as African Lodges / Bush Camps.
  • Equally suitable for urban living spaces bringing the African look into a modern and trendy space.
  • Ideal for outdoor patios and living areas within the domestic environment.
  • Can be used as a wallpaper spotter to clad a feature wall with in an ethnic Safari Chic style.