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Tivoli Varano Chrome Sink Mixer Tap

Pull Out Spout
R 2,599.90

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This is a beautiful round classical design basin mixer.

Tivoli Taps are beautifully designed and manufactured in Italy since 1959.

All products manufactured by robotic machinery according to the highest European standards.

Tivoli Taps have a 15 year guarantee. view details

What this guarantee covers:

Tivoli Taps are guaranteed for 15 years against manufacturing defects
The guarantee starts from the date of purchase from the retail outlet, please record your invoice number and date of purchase on the back of this card
The cartridge and head parts are guaranteed for 5 years (The guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear)

To avoid the guarantee becoming null and void please adhere to the following:

Have your taps installed by a certified plumber
• Install an in-line strainer before the water enters the building, this will help prevent dirt from affecting the performance of your taps.
- Dirt from municipal water
- Some limescale and chalk in the water
- Help prevent leaking/dripping taps, due to dirt caught in the cartridge (replacement cartridges can be purchased from the retail outlet, where you purchased your taps)
• Balanced water pressure is essential, therefore a pressure reducing valve must be installed, if not already done, before the hot and cold water supply is split
• The pipes must be flushed before your taps are installed to avoid dirt being trapped inside your taps
• Water temperature on your geyser should be between 55 and 60 degrees Celsius
• Never clean your taps with chemicals or acidic cleaning materials, or abrasive cloths or sponges

Tips for taking care of your Tivoli Taps

• Always install angle valves on all countertop taps, to be able to turn off the water to the countertop taps, without having to turn off the whole building mains, to allow easy maintenance
• Clean your taps with a soft cloth, mild soap and water
• After cleaning, buff dry with a dry soft towel to get the taps shiny and remove any water marks
• Clean out the aerator at least twice a year or sooner if required