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Rock Face Maluti Stone Cladding Simulating Real Maluti Stone


R299.90 /M2
  • Rock Face Maluti Stone Cladding is the latest trend to have, it creates a beautiful earthy or rustic look to your home.
  • Colours and shapes are randomly added to create a natural look for your home.
  • Feather Rock Cladding is made from Feather-Crete and is light weight making for an easier installation (only 16kg/m²).
  • Create a stunning look around your fireplace as this product can withstand heat of 400 degrees Celsius.
  • By adding this product to your walls you will increase the thermal insulation by 50%.
  • This is a durable product which will look good for years to come and can be used indoor or outdoors.
  • Good acoustic properties.
  • This is a proudly South African Product.

One box contains enough pieces to tile 1m² with minimal spacing between pieces.

The random nature of this product allows for tiler’s to space pieces at their own discretion.

However, seal may be used where cladding is exposed to contamination. (E.g. food preparation/braai). Pre-test sealer on off cuts to confirm required results before applying to cladded wall. Do not seal in direct sunlight or on wet cladding.

Installation instructions

Tools needed:  2x Buckets, 1x notched plaster trowel, 2x sponges, 1x rubber mallet, 1x block brush, 1x drop sheet.  


  • When applying adhesive to raw bricks or plaster, dampen area before applying tile adhesive. This will stop adhesive from drying out too quickly (if cement based products dry too quickly they will not achieve their optimal strength)
  • Always ensure that surface is clean, free of dust and loose mortar.
  • Painted surfaces to be tiled over should be chipped at least 70%to expose the plaster below the paint so that the adhesive can bond properly.


Use a block brush to clean any dust and loose mortar from the surface to be clad. Using a good tile adhesive; apply a 10-15mm thick layer with a notched plaster trowel to the area to be clad.

Starting from the top; tap cladding pieces into the adhesive using a rubber mallet leaving as little space between them as possible.

Should there be too much adhesive squeezing out from between the pieces, remove the excess adhesive and smooth using a damp sponge. A small paintbrush with damp bristles will ensure a clean, neat and consistent finish in between the pieces.

It is important to keep the cladding pieces clean and not to allow adhesive to dry on the face of the cladding. Should adhesive be messed on the cladding clean immediately with a damp sponge and clean water. 

To achieve a more rustic look, a mix of Plaster sand and cement mix Ratio 3:1 can also be used in conjunction with bonding liquid.( instead of tile adhesive).

NEVER USE A HARD BRUSH OR SCRAPERS to remove any dirt from cladding. This will damage the detailed texture of the product.


Due to the nature of the Feather-Crete mixture, Feather Rock is more water resistant than regular cement products and does not have to be sealed.

It is however advisable to seal this with a good sealer when it is used in areas which will be humid or regularly wet, especially when used on outside walling exposed to weather conditions.

A matt non-colour enhancing sealer is suggested, such as Natural Stone Sealer (available at CTM).

Product Guarantees

Before installing, unpack numerous boxes and make sure to blend the cladding pieces so as to ensure a good mix of colours.

Product liability is strictly limited to the maximum value of goods purchased.

It is important to be satisfied with the quality and randomness of this product before installation takes place.

No claims will be entertained after installation.

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