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Proheat Underfloor Tile Heater Black (4M² Area Coverage)

Ideal For All Tile Installations



PROHEAT systems for under-tile installation radiate heat naturally and evenly from the floor.

Easy-to-install. Kit contains everything you need to fit in less than 2 hours! 4-step easy-to-follow instructions. Klimaguard™ installation monitor ensures a safe and effective installation.

Ths tile heater kit is suitable for installation in open area of 4m².

Refer to selection charts for rooms of other sizes.

Don't forget your thermostat to keep running costs down and maintain optimum comfort.

Kilowatts of the 550W

Download Installation Manual

Length of Mat No
Width of Mat No
Coverage 4
Suitable for Tiles
Suitable Thermostat Ezeestat 2

Step 1.

  • Ensure the floor surface is smooth and dry; unpainted and free of dust, oil, grease, tar or glue residue.

Step 2.

  • Mark the position of the heater(s) on the floor

step 2

Step 3.

  • Connect the KlimaGuard® monitor according to the instructions in the KlimaGuard® packet to test the heater prior to commencing installation.
  • Leave connected during the entire installation and tiling process. If the KlimaGuard® beeps then there may be a break in the element. In that case stop tiling immediately and call the help line.

step 3

Step 4.

  • Apply the KlimaCoat™ primer to the area where the heater(s) will be fitted

step 4

Step 5.

  • Using a paint roller and allow to dry. Wash the roller immediately after use with (warm) water. Cupboards, etc. should have been installed beforehand, otherwise mark the position of bathtub, vanity, etc., so they can be left free of heating.

step 5


Step 6.

  • Unroll the heater on the floor.

step 5


Step 7.

  • Cut the tapes where necessary to allow the element to be located in the best position.
  • Take care not to damage the element. Try not to walk or stand on the heating element. If this cannot be avoided, place a piece of cardboard over the heater before walking on it.

step 5


Step 8.

  • Pull the wax paper backing off the double-sided tape a little at a time and, keeping it straight, stick it to the floor.

step 5


Step 9.

  • Do the same with the tape on the other side of the heater, ensuring that the element is straight and under slight tension.
  • Element wires should never cross or be closer than 50mm apart.

step 5


Step 10.

  • Make sure that there is enough element left over to take the connector blocks to the power source

step 5


Step 11.

  • Place the blocks in the cavity and tape them down.
  • If other heaters are to be connected to the same power supply, install them in the same manner.
  • Keep the elements at least 50mm apart.

step 5


Step 12.

  • Lay the green mesh, sticky side down, over the heater.
  • Cut the mesh as necessary to cover all the heater element including those to the connector blocks.

step 5


Step 13.

  • Press the mesh down so that it sticks to the floor and keeps the element in position.
  • Do not overlap the mesh. every 5m2 of heater to be covered, mix 20kg of good quality, fast set floor tile adhesive with the correct amount of liquid - see the tile adhesive guide

step 5


Step 14.

  • at this stage add the KlimaFlex™ liquid with the water) and stir to a smooth paste

step 5


Step 15.

  • Spread the tile adhesive evenly over the mesh with a steel or nylon float with rounded corners

step 5


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