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Pro Grip Waterproofing Coating Aquaseal - 5 Lt

A Flexible Waterproofing Coating




Pro Grip Aquaseal is a premixed flexible easy-to-apply waterproofing coating for installation under all types of tiles. Pro Grip Aquaseal has been design for waterproofing showers, balconies, bathrooms etc. To ensure a water tight installation, the tiles should be fixed with Pro Grip Superbond and grouted with Pro Grip Waterproof Grouts.

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PROGRIP AQUASEAL® is a ready to use quick drying polymer dispersion designed to form a waterproofing layer under ceramic, porcelain, stone and mosaic tiles. PRO GRIP AQUASEAL® may be applied onto balconies, terraces and in bathrooms, shower cubicles, laundry rooms, saunas etc. This product is highly flexible, resistant to water and common cleaning products. Tiles must be installed onto the waterproofed surface with a high quality polymer modified adhesive (e.g. PRO GRIP SUPERBOND PORCELAIN ADHESIVE or PRO GRIP TILE ON TILE ADHESIVE) to ensure a good bond and superior water resistance.


PROGRIP AQUASEAL® is a ready to use product and it must not be diluted with water or any other substance.


(These recommendations are in accordance with the SABS standard SANS 10107:2011 - The design and installation of ceramic tiles.)

1. Ensure that surface to be painted is sound (no cracks or crumbling), clean, free of dust, release agent, fungi, or any surface dampness. Fungi must be removed and the spores killed with the use of an effective fungicide. (a dilution of household bleach is sufficient)

2. New walls and floors must be allowed to cure for minimum periods as listed below to ensure that movement due to shrinkage does not affect the installation

a. Direct bedding onto new brick walls and concrete surfaces: 6 weeks

b. New plaster walls: 2 weeks

c. New screeded floors: 4 weeks

3. Very smooth surfaces such as steel trowelled and off-shutter concrete must be acid washed to remove laitance and then rinsed thoroughly with cold water.

4. Painted surfaces, gypsum plasters and surfaces that have old bitumen adhesive on them must be chipped in order to expose at least 80% of the substrate.

5. Highly porous substrates can negatively affect the bond strength between the substrate and the coating. Check the porosity of the substrate by applying a small quantity of water. If the moisture is completely absorbed within one minute, then the surface is too porous and will need to be sealed with a mixture of 2 parts PROGRIP BASECOAT ® mixed with one part PROGRIP KEYCOAT ® and allowed to dry prior to applying PRO GRIP AQUASEAL.


1. PRO GRIP AQUASEAL® must be applied in two even coats with a longhaired paint roller or brush.

2. The first coat must be dry before applying the second coat at a 90 degree angle to the first coat.

3. Make sure that there are no breaks in the coating due to surface imperfections prior to applying the second coat or prior to tiling.

4. PROGRIP AQUASEAL® may be applied to vertical sloping surfaces.

5. Pay attention to any expansion joints and the joints between horizontal and vertical surfaces. In these areas, bed PROGRIP WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE into the first coat of PRO GRIP AQUASEAL® to provide added protection



1. Carefully inspect the surface of the PROGRIP AQUASEAL® before tiling. Make sure that there are no pinpricks or breaks in the coating. If there are any surface defects, apply an additional coat.

2. Tiles must be laid with a polymer modified tile adhesive to ensure an effective bond and additional water resistance. Suitable products are PROGRIP SUPERBOND PORCELAIN ADHESIVE®, PRO GRIP TILE ON TILE ADHESIVE® or PROGRIP STONE AND GLASS MOSAIC ADHESIVE®.

3. Application onto a hot concrete surface in direct sunlight may result in the formation of pinpricks in the PROGRIP AQUASEAL surface. Rather apply PROGRIP AQUASEAL to exterior surfaces during the early morning.

4. Fill the standard tile joints with PROGRIP WATERPROOF GROUT® and expansion joints with PROGRIP FLEXIBLE EXPANSION JOINT® for additional waterproofing protection.

5. Brushes and rollers must be cleaned with water before the product has dried.






Drying time

1 hour between coats at 25⁰C and 50% humidity

4 hours before applying tiles at 25⁰C and 50% humidity

12 hours for full cure at 25⁰C and 50% humidity


± 3.5m² per 5 Lt bucket (two coats)


2 Lt and 5 Lt buckets


Keep container closed when not in use. Store at a moderate temperature.

Shelf life

12 months under moderate temperature

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