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TFC Natural Stone Sealer - 5 Lt

Solvent Based Satin Finish Sealer



Natural Stone Sealer Satin is a tried and tested solvent based sealer system for natural stone and cement tiles. It is very simple to use and is suitable for most types of natural porous tiles. Natural Stone Sealer’s refined non-yellowing resin formula, is designed, for ease of application, protection offered and cost effectiveness.

Natural Stone Sealer is both an impregnating and surface sealer, so it colour enhances the tile and provides a beautiful satin finish. Natural Stone Sealer is a breathable sealer. That means it may be applied to areas that have a slight hydrostatic pressure problem. Natural Stone Sealer dries quickly and cures quicker than most other un-accelerated sealers.

Most medium to high porosity tiles. DO NOT use on extremely low porosity tiles (such as granite, porcelain, marble, travertine, vitro etc.).

DO NOT use if you don’t want colour enhancement to the tile. Natural Stone Sealer Satin may be used on medium to high porosity terracotta, slate, sandstone, quartzite, limestone, cement, terrazzo, plaster, face brick and paving, in fact on any hard surface that needs protection from the elements and staining. 

Available in 1L & 5L

Do not dilute!

1. Read all instructions and tips before the application so that you can plan the application correctly.

2. Mask off any adjacent surfaces that need to be protected during the application.

3. Test for desired results in an inconspicuous area before continuing the application.

4. Shake or stir well before use.

5. Ensure that the surface is clean and free from grout, cement, oil, wax and other stains. (Clean with correct TFC products if necessary).

6. Ensure that the surface and grouting are uniformly dry before application. Wait 24 hours after washing before applying the sealer.

7. Using a TFC Sheepskin Applicator apply an even coat of Natural Stone Sealer Satin to the surface. Do not allow bubbles or pooling.

8. Allow to dry for 2 hours, and then apply another (thin) coat. A minimum of 2 coats is necessary.

9. Apply more coats at 2 hour intervals (if required), until a uniform even satin finish is achieved. 


Do not apply to hot tiles in direct sunlight as the sealer dries too quickly.

Allow 7 to 10 days after the installation before sealing.

Do not apply to the tile if it is damp.

Ensure the tile is dry.

Allow 24 hours after last wetting the tiles before sealing and 48 hours after sealing before wetting.

Only cement tiles may be pre sealed before installation.

Do not traffic for 6 hours after application.

Full cure is achieved after 48 hours.

Do not use applicators that cause bubbles like paint rollers or sponges.

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