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Why choose ELF Laminates?


Laminate flooring is PVC and plasticizer-free, and is primarily made from wood. It doesn’t emit any pollutants, making it ideal for children's rooms; and as an added bonus, it’s dirt-repellent and easy-to-clean nature makes it a blessing for allergy-sufferers.


Striking visuals that tell a story, refined stones that elevate flooring to another level, light wood-effects that lend a Scandinavian air. Regardless of your particular interior style, there is a laminate flooring to perfectly match your dream vision.


Your floor needs to look its best all the time, even under extreme stress. And that's precisely what laminate flooring is designed for – robust finishes mean they are incredibly resilient to scratches and scrapes. And not just in the home, but commercially too.


Compared to many other flooring solutions, such as ceramic tiles, laminate flooring excels when it comes to its life cycle assessment. A wood-product that is primarily made up from PEFC-certified (Sustainable Forest Management) industrial wood, waste wood from sawmills (e.g. wood chips and shavings) and bonded with ecologically-sound binding agents, it is also completely recyclable