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Super White Polished Porcelain Floor Tile - 600 x 600mm

Glossy Finish
R 199.90 / m2
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SuperWhite Polished Porcelain is the perfect choice for effortless elegance. Its neutral tone allows for a classic, timeless effect –  a tile that can truly last you a lifetime.

The large-format design creates the illusion of a smaller room appearing to be larger, while the rectified corners allow for smaller grout gaps to give you a flawless, seamless presentation. The highly reflective surface makes the tile hygienic and easy to clean. Polished porcelain tiles are less likely to absorb moisture and therefore can withstand extreme weather conditions as they will not crack or lift.

Create uniqueness by adding a touch of décor to suit your taste. This simply chic tile can be diversified by using any colour décor or furniture to create your own individual expression.

Perfect for: 

This tile is durable and great for kitchens, bedrooms, sitting areas, passages, living rooms, dining rooms, offices and small businesses.