It’s taken us a little time to realise that Dorothy knew exactly what she was talking about when she clicked her sparkly red heels and returned home, there really is no place like it.

So while we have packed ourselves up every Christmas holiday for the past few years and migrated to some distant corner of the country, this year we’ll be taking a staycation, and we think you should too.

Being completely absorbed in the hustle and bustle of the working world for the majority of the year, is firstly exhausting and secondly often makes us forget to enjoy our homes; they are after all our very own castles, wouldn’t you say? So this season we’ve decided to turn our humble abodes into our very own Emerald City (slightly eccentric wizard not included) and there’s no reason you can’t join in on the fun.

From turning our bathrooms into little pieces of relaxation heaven – the White Lotus Freestanding Bath is the tub of our old Hollywood dreams - to kitting out our kitchens and cooking up a holiday feast fit for royalty.

Don’t worry we know Rome wasn’t built in a day – nothing worthwhile ever is. But if you feel like taking a journey with us, we’ll walk you through all the little wonders that can turn your house into your dream home. Because if we’re entirely honest with ourselves (and we’re sure you’ll agree) building a paradise is far better than just merely visiting one for ten days a year. 

Be our guest

No one wants to feel like a guest in their own home, right? Wrong, imagine you treated yourself as well as your treated visitors – quite a lovely thought isn’t it? Well this holiday season, we’ll be showing you how to treat yourself like a swanky VIP at home and we’re starting with that sacred space we call the bathroom. It seems a little silly, that we’ve reduced one of the most important rooms in our homes to a mere wash room, when it’s so much more. What would we do with a long, lavish shower, spent under a Zola Square Shower Head after a morning run surrounded by a Love Shower Screen… swoon! Or even better a tranquil soak in the tub – candles, lavender bubble bath and music of your choice is highly recommended – with a simple turn of your Roma Tivoli taps you’ll forget all about that rather rough day at the office. Your bathroom should feel like your own personal spa with all the bells and whistles included – don’t you think?  So why not let it reflect your holiday style! Whether you want it to reflect a chic, rustic safari getaway with Otono Interlocking Cream Quartz Cladding from wall to wall or perhaps you’d prefer the white washed effect of a costal cottage and indulge in an Origins White Floor Tile for serene and calming effect? Personally we went straight for the Driftwood Floor Tile, which transported us straight to lazy weekends spent in the misty Midlands. With some many options, what we’re dying to know is … which one would be your pick?