With the uptake of modern living and the trend of people opting for smaller apartments, a limited bathroom area is a problem for a lot of people. Many often complain that they just can’t do anything with the space they have available. Don’t worry too much about it though; there are many inexpensive ways to make your small bathroom appear bigger than it really is. Whether you are strapped for cash or just live in a small place, there is no need to feel claustrophobic.

CTM is here to help you bring the best out of your bathroom and show you that you really can have an elegant and stylish area of luxury in a small space. Elegance and style come from every detail in a bathroom, so nothing is too small to influence the way it makes you feel.

Here are some inspirational bathroom ideas that can influence how big a bathroom feels:

The Fixtures

The road to a comfortable bathroom space must begin with the biggest space wasters, the fixtures. Depending on the size of things like your bathtub, toilet and basin, you might be able to dramatically increase the size of your bathroom by just making smart purchasing decisions. The space you are able to save will do more for the aesthetics of your bathroom than any intricately designed fixture could ever do. The light you will free up and the sense of simplicity that one will feel when entering the area will also bring that touch of elegance to your wash space.

Make sure you are only using a standard sized bathtub or shower so that you can effectively maximize the available space. Replacing these elements can be a bit pricy though so an alternative is to take away anything with an ornate design. Using a clear shower door, as an example, to stop light being blocked is a great way to make your bathroom feel more open.

You can also look into swopping out other fixtures such as the basin. A wall mounted sink is a great way to increase space and using suspended cabinets will also help here. Older toilets are much bigger than the newer ones and they use a lot more water. Upgrading to a modern toilet will save you space and money. You may opt for a wall-hung toilet with a concealed cistern. These toilets are up to 10% shorter than the traditional toilets with exposed cisterns.


The mirror has been used by designers for a long time to bring depth and style to many different living spaces. Placing a mirror along a wall reflects whatever is on the other side and can make your bathroom feel double its size if used properly. Try placing one across from a window to create the illusion of another window on the other side of the bathroom. Mirrors bounce light around the area too so use this to your advantage to create airy and bright areas in your bathroom.


In essence, light is the main determinant when it comes to how big an area feels. The more light there is, the more the eye can see inside a given space. Once your eye can see everything in a room, the items need to be organized in an uncluttered way to effectively make use of your rooms available space. The most effective, space expanding, light source comes in a natural form. Try letting in some natural light by using a stylish skylight or extra windows. This will make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Dark corners are obviously a big issue with regards to the way your eye sees a given area, so subtly illuminating these spaces is the answer. You can’t go and shove lights into every single dark space if your area is limited. So one thing you can do is to install shelving on the wall near to the ceiling and then placing lights above these. This will add light and storage space to all areas of your bathroom room. Try using a high-gloss paint with a light shade on the ceiling to reflect as much light as possible back down to the room below. Use this technique in conjunction with mirrors, as discussed above, to reflect even more light around the bathroom.


Colour affects a lot more than just the way a room looks; it can influence almost every single aesthetic aspect of your bathroom. The way the light bounces off of the walls and the way if reflects off of your bathroom fixtures can easily be used to change its appeal.

By applying any lightly toned or monochromatic colour pallet in your bathroom, you will brighten up the space and make it feel larger. Simplicity is key here so don’t use fancy wallpapers or any other kind of busy wall accents. Stay away from contrast as breaking up the space will make the brain compartmentalize the room and make it appear even smaller.

Try and draw the eye upwards to make the ceiling in your room appear higher. Use vertical, but subtle, patterns and don’t contrast the colours. One more trick you can use is to tile the bathroom all the way up to the ceiling and you can add a different pattern to the upper section of the tiles to attract attention there. Using larger tiles that are light in colour will also accentuate the size of your bathroom. Place them diagonally to lead the eye away from the ground.
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