Waking up with the sunrise somewhere deep within the African bushveld is one of the most magical experiences. Living in such close proximity to some of the most beautiful game reserves in the world means we’re spoilt for choice, but sadly we’re not always spoilt for time. So why not bring some chic design into your home and choose the Safari look. Sure you won’t be spotting the big five in your garden – well at least we hope you won’t – but you can still create the feeling and allure of being in a luxurious, exclusive safari lodge, while standing in your kitchen.

We recommend using a rustic tile in dark earthy tones like our Kilimanjaro Maun Matt Floor Tile. Combine this with a selection of textures and patterns to achieve a look that rivals even the most stunning lodges in the Kruger Park and beyond. It is important not to go overboard with your decorative elements, as you don’t want to your home looking like an overcrowded gift shop. Be sure to select a few powerful pieces – such as a zebra skin or cow hide rug as the centre piece to your longue and pair with rich leather couches and light wooden accents.

Be sure to also add some colour to ensure the room doesn’t become too dark or bland. Beaded artwork is highly recommended and can be easily acquired on any street corner within the city. It’s the tiny details of decorative straw baskets; a painting or sketches of your favourite landscape; or a textured cushion that will polish off this look. But if full safari isn’t your thing and you don’t want to fully commit to turning your home into a replica of a game reserve - you can use it as the base for your inspiration and just add a touch of the wild to elevate your trendy or modern look.

Whether you’re going for a full rendition of Out of Africa or infusing your edgy loft apartment with a little bit of the ‘wilder side’ there’s always a way to add a little safari touch into your home.