If you’re a fan of fairy tales, but always thought Sleeping Beauty’s little cottage in the forest was more appealing than a dark, cold castle then this is the décor look for you. The overwhelming theme within this décor look is both soft and whimsical, with a dreamy air of romance and a heavy handed tablespoon of charm.

We recommend keeping it cosy, by adding simple Elf Autumn Nature Oak Laminated Flooring throughout your home and then fill it with slightly worn bohemian and vintage inspired furniture, mix it up with a coffee table you inherited from your grandmother and a quirky cabinet you found at your local market. This collection of weathered, but eccentric furniture will have you feeling like you’ve stepped into a Disney dream in no time.

Be sure to stick with pastel cottons and neutral linens as these fabrics will add to the overall ambiance of your home. Avoid using white, it’s too stark and can be rather clinical looking, rather opt for off-whites, soft yellow hues and even Earth coats are a great option. And remember the kitchen can easily be transformed into the main attraction in your cosy, little cottage-like home; incorporate some of our Herb Ceramic Spotters above your stove and mimic them with real terracotta pots filled with fresh herbs on your window. Not only will these little pots look lovely, but they’ll give you easy access to fresh herbs when cooking, baking or even for cocktail making – finally hang a little sign that says “Domestic Goddess” and you’ll be good to go.