Bedrooms are the theatre of dreams that you can find in each and every home! Whether you’re dressing up for a first date, dancing around the scattered outfits on the floor singing into your hairbrush or cuddling the kids because they’ve brought you breakfast in bed (yes the kitchen is a disaster zone, but it’s the thought that counts). This is easily the most important room in any home, it’s the one that’s a secret hideout just for you, when every other room is shared with your friends and family and filled with the beautiful chaos of entertaining, cooking, laughing and doing! But when you close your bedroom door, reality waits outside while you slip into your own little world. So surely this magical room should reflect you and your uniqueness perfectly?

Minimalistic Magic

Obsessed with soft, calming tones? How about open spaces? Does the sight of clutter make you shiver? Well then this is just the décor style for you. Stick to neutral tones like cream, beige, white and a dash of grey throughout the room; remember this style is less about colour and more about textures. Try a loft beige floor tile, light will reflect easily around the room making it seem larger than it is, while adding a faux fur or chunky knit rug to capitalise on mix and match of textures. Ensure you use space efficiently by finding beautiful ways to store your things, an old wooden trunk: white-washed to hold your entire collection of thick winter jerseys and a simple black clothing rail to hang your pretty summer dresses on – not only are you keeping it clutter free, but your clothes can be used a type of decoration, art work even.


Man Cave Mania

Creating the perfect bachelor pad? Establish a key palette of deep, dark and rich tones: charcoal or chocolate brown are a fantastic base, especially when paired with wooden, leather and copper accents. We suggest a burnt wood floor tile to give the room a bit of elegance, but remember you don’t have to limit tiles to floors often the effect of carrying it through to one of your bedroom walls establishes a polished look. And don’t worry you can keep your favourite super hero poster’s but why not put them in dark wooden frames – it upgrades the entire look from poster to artwork. Copper detailed lamps are also a great accessory to the room, without it looking to feminine.