The kitchen is often the heartbeat of your home. It hosts the best conversations and creates delightful aromas that will trigger happy emotional memories for each and every person in the family.

That is why extra effort should always go into creating the perfect environment when it comes to design. Today we are going to focus on three particular styles, and give you some tips on how to bring them to life.

Modern Kitchen

Modernising your kitchen means clean lines, lean countertops and open spaces. Firstly you will need to think of colour, and this requires the choice of something soothing and neutral, or bright and contrasting. Make use of your cupboard space, don't leave countertops cluttered. When it comes to appliances, opt for built in options, including microwaves and coffee machines, as this keeps with the modular design. The flooring is also an essential part of this design, and requires a pleasant contrast to walls and cabinets, or alternatively choose tiles with a striking pattern - nothing dreary.

Cosy Kitchen

When it comes to creating a cosy kitchen, you need to consider the surroundings by bringing in other elements from your home. The idea around this design is to make the kitchen one of the main resting areas in your home. You need to choose warm, earthy colours with excellent use of wood. Low hanging light fittings as well as oil paintings or other decor should be seen, as this adds to the homely feeling. You should also opt for chairs that have cushions, as the aim of this kitchen is to house guests for hours, while ensuring maximum comfort throughout. When it comes to flooring, choose darker shakes of brown which can bring out a comfortable and relaxed feel.

Oriental Kitchen

Oriental design is all about tranquillity, which is why you should look for pleasing patterns with flowing lines. Black and red are popular colours when it comes to furniture and flooring - for example using reddish wood with charcoal tiling to create that distinct contrast. Oriental kitchens should not be cluttered, with everything in its place, while you can also opt for built-in appliances to make sure the flow of the room is not obstructed.

No matter the choice of design you opt for, CTM can help bring your dream kitchen to life. Be sure to check out our incredible range of tiles to find something that fits your design just right!