Safari sunsets, evening game drives and the gentle click of the crickets is the dream getaway for some, arguably most people, the beach bums can have their sea and sand as long as you can wake with sunrise and catch a glimpse of the Big Five in their natural habitat. This holiday season why not bring the rustic beauty of your favourite game reserve home with you? After all you spend the entire year on the run and in an eternal rush, putting in all the extra hours you can and working hard to turn your house into a truly unique and beautiful home, so why not be sure to turn it into the perfect ‘getaway’ and you’ll have the luxury of feeling like you’re on holiday every day of the year. Transform your outdoor area into a chic rustic paradise with a chunky stone cladding like Rock Face Maluti Stone Cladding and you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported straight to the Kruger National Park. This simple design technique has the ability to transform the entire look and feel of the area it’s applied too, and transform your humble abode into your fantasy holiday destination. Pair the setting with some stainless steel, cooper or glass accents to modernism the overall look and add a dash of elegance. From an all in one gas braai and kitchenette unit to a beaten copper dining table, the creative options are endless for this stunning home improvement.

Things to know

Now while we encourage you to get down and dirty when creating your dream getaway right at home, there are a few important things to know about DIY cladding. So just before you jump right in give a quick read though and see if you’re up to the task ahead, or if you maybe need a little help. Before you do anything make sure you measure out the area that you will be applying the cladding, so that you can buy a sufficient amount of product to get your task done perfectly, and rather have a little leftover and not lose your momentum. Once you’ve purchased all your essentials and extras begin by cleaning the product thoroughly before you start the installation, especially if you’ve decided to use stone-based cladding.  Next up we recommend you chip the wall before applying the cladding, although this is not a complete must it will guarantee a better or even perfect bond between the wall, the adhesive and cladding. Now you’re about ready to begin your project, remember when applying the heavy-duty tile adhesive do so with the same motion you use to butter your toast in the morning, this will ensure that the adhesive is spread evenly and neatly. Once you’ve got the buttering down to a fine art, press the block or stone panel firmly against the wall, applying gentle pressure evenly across the entire block or panel. We also recommend that you work from bottom to top instead of top to bottom, work slowly and carefully to avoid silly mistakes and ensure your pattern is coming together the way you want it too. An extra little suggestion is that you rope your partner in crime in to help you, two sets of hands is usually better than one.

Cladding image