Old Faithful Floor Tile

400mm X 400mm, Unglazed Rustic Finish
Product Code: NC1NOF400
R94.90/M2 (incl. VAT)
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Product Details

The Organic Earth range has a natural, earthy, rustic look & feel.

Perfect for outdoors and lodges to create a Bushveld atmosphere.

Organic earth tiles are unglazed and have the original Italian terracotta look.

These tiles are exceptionally strong and durable and can be used indoors and outdoors.

The extrusion process applies highly compacted pressure to the make-up of the tile body while a higher firing temperature contributes to creating a rock-solid tile.

Same colour throughout the tile body which means that it does not show chips.

This tile is made in South Africa for South African Conditions.

Must be sealed with a deep sealer or natural stone sealer.

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Technical Information

Tile Type
Floor Tile
Tiles per Box
6 tile(s)
Square Meters per Box
0.96 m2
400 mm
400 mm
7.5 mm
Recommended for residential, medium commercial and institutional floor applications subjected to heavy to extra heavy traffic.

How to install


  • Make sure that surface is dry, clean, flat and firm. Do not tile on old floor coverings like vinyl tiles.
  • Check screen, substrate and foundation are set for tiling.
  • Make sure there are expansion joints in the screed.


  • Buy enough tiles to cover the required area – get 10% to allow for cutting and breakages.
  • Make sure all the boxes have the same shade number, and that all the tiles,are the same colour, size and are clear of defects.
  • Tip: Mix 4-5 boxes prior to laying to minimize any possible shade variation.


  • Start tiling in the middle of the area.


  • Make sure you’re using the correct adhesive for the application.
  • Check screen, substrate and foundation are set for tiling.
  • Apply adhesive evenly using a notched trowel. ( Apply 1m2 at a time)
  • Only mix enough adhesive to use within 1 hour.
  • Work over small areas so the adhesive does not dry.
  • Scrape away excess adhesive, separating each tile from the next.
  • All tiles must be fully embedded using a rubber mallet.


  • Start off by creating building lines in your work space. This will allow you to achieve straight lines.
  • Do not butt join tiles. Spacing is 8-10mm.( Do not use spacers)
  • When tiling large areas. Create expansion joints to allow for structural movement.
  • This is done by using a flexible compound (such as silicone) between tiles.
  • Expansion joints should be made every 9m2.
  • The perimeter joint needs to be 5-8mm.


  • Make sure all the joints are clean.
  • Apply the grout using a rubber squeegee.
  • Grouting should be done 24 hours after the installation of the tiles to allow, the tile to set properly.
  • Once the grout has set the entire area must be cleaned,
  • With a damp cloth, Grout Off and Easy Clean, Cleaning agents are recommended.
  • Avoid walking on the tiles for 2-3 days to prevent loosening of the tiles.

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